learning music
Music has a power over us because of the way it can make us feel. Some music gets you excited […]
It’s tax time which means you’re probably in the middle of crunching numbers and thinking about refunds, payments, and returns. […]
Going back to work after having a baby can be a struggle. You’re trying to adjust to being a new […]
music and children
Music can not only provoke emotion but can also help us to express our emotions. When we’re happy, we may […]
Kids were made to dance. The music and movement and all of their energy are the perfect combination. Besides keeping […]
Picture of front of Rock & Roll Daycare
February is Black History Month and that means children across the country will have the chance to learn about the […]
sign language
Communication can be challenging for families of deaf children. This is especially true when you factor in that more than […]
music and children
When you hear music how does it make you feel? Does it get your creative juices flowing? Does it put […]
10/30/2021 Rock and Roll’s Greatest GalleryRock and Roll’s Greatest GalleryOur Teacher of the Month…Toddler A’s Mr. Harrison!! Highlights of the […]
9/17/2021 Highlights of the Week:We hope that everyone had a fabulous week and continue to have an even better weekend!In […]