Happy Friday. We wanted to go over a couple of highlights we had in our classrooms this week. 

Our toddler B classroom created “Mr. Golden Sun’s” out of paper plates, paint, and popsicle sticks. The children learned how hot the sun is (9,941°F) and the words to the song, “Mr. Golden Sun”.

In preschool, we said goodbye to a couple of our older friends who will be moving on to kindergarten in the fall. It was bitter sweet but we wish everyone well on this exciting next chapter of their lives. It was all about our sense of touch in Infants this week as the children used their sense of touch to explore ice and frozen teethers.

In our Toddler A classroom, the children explored the new wooden works that were on the shelves and are beginning to use their self help skills to clean up after themselves. They also used their large muscle skills at the park to “play basketball”.


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