Rock and Roll’s Greatest Gallery

Rock and Roll’s Greatest Gallery

Our Teacher of the Month…Toddler A’s Mr. Harrison!!
Highlights of the Week:

Hello Inman Square Families,
We hope that you all stayed warm and dry this week and we hope that you have a very Happy Halloween!

This week all of the classrooms were buzzing with excitement to celebrate Halloween this weekend. In Preschool, the children used their cognitive thinking skills to try to put various puzzle together. Miss Elisabeth switched the puzzles out and brought in more complex ones to keep the children stimulated. Some friends enjoyed the challenges while others found it a bit difficult  and would ask their peers and teachers for help.  During circle time, the children were asked to identify their names on a board as well as attempt to spell out their names and recognize the letters of their names. Preschool also celebrated Lillian’s 4th birthday with a yummy cupcake treat:) In Toddler B, our friends are starting to distinguish between numbers and quantity. They would count out items and match it to the correct numbers. The children are also matching colors and enjoying the challenge. In Toddler A, the children are learning to use various life works as they practice pouring. They all use their large muscle skills to crawl through the pop up tunnel as well as climb on the climber. Miss Vanessa and Mr. Harrison are teaching the children that climbing on tables and chairs is not safe but using the soft climber is. In Infants, the children explored colorful scarves and learned how to move them to music. They enjoyed listening to classical music as everyone took turns dancing and swaying with their teachers. The children also experiment with volume as they would build and knock over blocks.

Teacher of the Month: 
Our Teacher of the Month is …Toddler A’s Mr. Harrison! From the moment that we met Mr. Harrison, we just knew what an amazing educator he would be and what a wonderful addition to our Inman Square center he would make. Mr. Harrison has such a soothing and calming presence in the Toddler A classroom that the children look for\ward to seeing him each and every morning. His positive attitude and warm smile contribute to his classroom environment. Mr. Harrison’s dedication to this field shines through in every child, parent , and teacher interaction that he has. His peers respect him and look to him for his opinions and  guidance. I am excited to see Mr. Harrison grow and blossom here at RRDC Inman Square!

Up Coming Events 

11/11 Center Closed in Observance of Veterans Day

11/24 Center closes at 12pm

11/26 & 11/27 Center Closed: Happy Thanksgiving

Country of Study: South Korea

Have an Amazing Weekend!

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