Rock and Roll’s Greatest Gallery
Rock and Roll’s Greatest Gallery
Rock and Roll’s Greatest Gallery
Rock and Roll’s Greatest Gallery
Rock and Roll’s Greatest Gallery
Our Teacher of the Month is Miss Erikha!

Highlights of the Week:
We hope that everyone had a fabulous week and continue to have an even better weekend!
In our infant room this week, we used our sense of touch to explore bubbles as we would attempt to catch and pop them. Our older friends were so excited to use their large muscle skills to “walk” with the help of a push toy while our younger friends explored the soft climber to practice climbing up and downstairs. Toddler A continues to work on cleaning up after themselves and placing works back on the shelf. They are working on their practical life skills by practicing pouring, drinking out of cups, and putting on their own vests. They are also learning how to share and take turns. Toddler A is also working on their hand-eye coordination as they use their pincer grasp to hold and draw with chalk. Toddler B has been very busy this week using their creative thinking skills to construct scarecrows using popsicle sticks and glue. They continue to work on letter recognition and enjoyed playing with the musical instruments and dancing to South African music. In our Preschool classroom, they enjoyed Miss Elisabeth’s and Miss Sarah’s circle time. The children learned about our galaxy and the planets. Miss Sarah taught them a song to remember all the names of the planets. They also took their classroom jobs very seriously and each child completed each classroom job with pride. The children also experimented with 3-dimensional shapes and learned to make pictures out of them. All in all it was a wonderful week of learning at RRDC Inman Square!

Teacher of the Month:  Our teacher of the month is Erikha. Erikha is our Infant room teacher and she has over 4 years of experience teaching infants and toddlers. I was honored to meet Erikha on her first teaching job and I have gotten to see her grow and mature in to an amazing educator. Her creative ideas for activities and curriculum are by far the best. Erikha’s dedication to this field shows in all that she does and we are so excited to see Erikha grow within the company and reach for the stars! If you see Erikha, please congratulate her on being our teacher of the month:)

Staffing News:
Please join us in welcoming, Abraham Brownell. “Abe” will be an assistant teacher in preschool. We are so excited to have him join our center and grow with us. Abe has a bachelor’s in Philosophy and will be starting on September 27th

Pooled Weekly Covid Testing: The center will begin weekly pooled testing starting on Wednesday, September 22nd. We invite all staff and families to enroll in weekly testing here: Once you click on the link, please choose your current RRDC location in the drop down menu. Please note you will not be able to participate in testing prior to enrolling and completing a consent form.
We look forward to beginning this process and continuing to keep our community safe.

Best Of Boston: 
Please vote for RRDC for the Best of Boston Daycare! Award! Our staff and executive team take pride in our centers and what we do each day. They only add daycare’s every few years, so we are very hopeful that we will!! You may vote at
Thank you:)

Up Coming Events

October 11th: Center Closed for Indigenous People’s Day

Country of Study: South Afric

Have an Amazing Weekend!

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