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Inman Square Friday Wrap-up
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Highlights of the Week
Happy Friday Everyone:) We hope everyone had a productive week and managed to stay safe and dry during the storms. This week in Infants, we welcomed two new friends and kept busy by using our large muscle skills to crawl, walk, dance, and sway. The children enjoyed listening to stories about animals and the sounds that they make. In Toddler A, we began to work on color recognition as the children would use matching color works and listen to songs about color. While outside, we would point to the different colors that were around us. Toddler B used their sense of touch to explore and make bubbles. The children followed some pattern cards and repeated them with blocks. They also worked on counting from 1 to 20.this week. It was all about summer in Preschool this week as the children used their creative expression to make paper plate watermelon fans. They also enjoyed listening to stories and retelling those stories to friends. Preschool worked on letter recognition this week and the children continued to practice drawing letters.

Curriculum of the Month:
RRDC Inman July 2021 Toddler B Curriculum

Curricular Area: Math  Overview: As children explore their environment, they are exposed to basic
mathematical concepts such as one-to-one correspondence, geometric shapes, vocabulary, the concept of number, number symbols, problem-solving, and early concepts of measurement. The materials in our specially prepared environment allow the children to sort, match, count, and absorb the language of math.
Learning Objectives 
Counting 1-30
Number recognition 1-20
1:1 Correspondence 
Shape recognition 
Size recognition 
Color matching
Counting colored bears
Shape matching 
Shape puzzles 
Color matching bears 

Curricular Area: Language  Overview: Language development is a major area of growth in the first six years of life.Children at this age absorb language with ease. There are a wide variety of language abilities among children in this age range. In our classrooms, children develop language through peer interactions, teacher modeling and individualized lessons. Our goal for the children is to further develop their language skills in articulation, communication, and vocabulary through conversations, activities, and modeling.
Learning Objectives                                                           
Letter recognition 
Practicing Phonics 
Naming objects
Using words to express feelings/thoughts 
100 first word books
Letter sorting 
Letter matching popsicle work 

Curricular Area: Practical Life  Overview: The practical life curriculum is a series of simple, everyday activities designed to help very young students develop a sense of independence, self-confidence and responsibility, while indirectly strengthening their coordination, developing a sense of order and lengthening their concentration. This area focuses on skills that allow children to take care of themselves and their environment. Grace and Courtesy is also another important component of the Practical Life Curriculum. Children at RRDC learn early the importance of using everyday manners.
Acting with kindness and respect is expected classroom behavior and is modeled by the teachers. As the children grow, teachers present a variety of age appropriate lessons to reinforce the importance of these interpersonal skills.
Learning Objectives 
Cleaning up after self (food) 
Taking out and putting away works
Washing hands 

Curricular Area: Sensorial  Overview: Children discover the physical world around them through their senses. Sensorial materials help the children sharpen these senses and develop their power of observation, creating in them an awareness of variations such as colors in nature, range of sounds and the sound of silence. These works are designed to help children learn to focus their attention. They ask children to distinguish, to categorize and to relate new information to information they already know, skills critical to the development of judgment and decision making.
Learning Objectives 
Sense of touch
Sense of hearing
Talking about what we see out the window and on walks
Finger painting 
Shaving cream paint 

Curricular Area: Music and Culture  Overview: Overview: Throughout each school year, Rock and Roll Daycare students are introduced to an array of new classroom materials designed to offer a deeper understanding of music notation in the style of Montessori teaching tools by our sister company, and research and development wing, Fiddlefox. The materials offer hands-on, self-correcting tasks that will develop a child’s musical sensibility and prepare him or her to read music notation at the elementary level. Fiddlefox also publishes new illustrated songbooks, music recordings, and activity books based on our Cultural Currents curriculum to strengthen the connection between music learning in the classroom and at home.
Country of Study 
Lessons & Materials 
Fiddle fox cultural book
This land is your land/ Yankee Doodle 
Happy fourth project

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